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Breathtaking tales of Miss Adventure, America's Gayest Hero!

published by American Media, Inc.
edited by Paul Kupperburg and Bob Greenberger

Beginning with the October 23rd, 2006 issue of WEEKLY WORLD NEWS, Andy Mangels has taken over the writing reigns of "MISS ADVENTURE, The Gayest American Hero"!

Writing under the nom de plume of "Dru Sullivan," Mangels will spin the weekly exploits of adventurer and bon vivant Kevin Andrews, the man who always gets his man, no matter how outrageous the adventure. "Picture Jack McFarland from Will & Grace in an Indiana Jones/McGyver-style adventure and you'll have an idea of the tone," says Mangels. "Humor and double-entendre's are the name of the game in this fun-filled frolic through the world's weirdest locales.

Mangels' initial storyline is a six-parter combining elements of Gilligan's Island, Lost, Fantasy island, Survivor, Swiss Family Robinson, and The 700 Club! After that, Kevin Andrews will continue to have outrageous adventures and fun...

Weekly World News Vol. 28 #7 (Oct 23, 2006)
"Lost and Found on... Giggling Island! Part 2"

Kevin and his straight boyhood crush encounter danger on an island!

Weekly World News Vol. 28 #8 (Oct 30, 2006)
"Hard Luck on Giggling Island! Part 3"

Kevin fights a dinosaur and meets an old friend!

Weekly World News
Vol. 28 #9 (Nov 4, 2006)
"Lost on Fantasy Island! Part 4"

Weekly World News
Vol. 28 #10 (Nov 11, 2006)
"Swish Family Robertson! Part 5"

more to come in future issues!

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