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published by Desmodus, Inc.

#130 (July 1989)
—"Rough Stuff" editorial piece about "Old Guard vs. New Guard" in the leather scene (1 pp.)

According to leather historians, this may be the first usage of the terms "Old Guard" and "New Guard" in the leather community.

Steve Maidhof had written an article in NLA's "Chain Link" newsletter (reprinted in Drummer #110) that talked about "Old Leather" and "New Leather," which were the terms used editorially by Drummer until the Rough Stuff editorial by Mangels.

The term was used again in letters pages responding to Mangels' editorial, and began being used by leather columnists and writers, including Joseph Bean and Guy Baldwin, thereafter.

Anyone having evidence of previous uses of the terms "Old Guard" and "New Guard" in the context of the leather community is invited to email the author. Historical accuracy is very important!

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