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The Mysterious Characters of The X-Files!


Published by Citadel Press/Carol Publishing
Written by Andy Mangels

Released February 1998. Now Out of Print.
256 pgs., Trade Paperback (ISBN: 0-8065-1933-9) $16.95
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At last! An X-Files book that tells you about all of the popular series’ incredible actors!

This exhaustive 260-page book spotlights over 100 familiar faces and supporting actors from one of the most watched TV series of the decade. While the storylines of The X-Files engage viewers, it is the actors who truly bring the show to life. And while David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are terrific, they don’t carry the series by themselves. They’re not the ones who swim through sewage in a rubber Flukeman outfit, or wear prosthetic limbs, or fight off rapes by invisible lovers, or get a charge from lightning bolt-throwing friends. And though they may be at the center of the conspiracies that swirl around them, they aren’t the faces behind the conspiracies.

Giving The X-Files its mysterious quality and eerie edge week after week are its wonderful character actors, many of whom look familiar but have not become household names - even though they’ve appeared in scores of movies and television shows and most viewers have seen them dozens of times.

Beyond Mulder and Scully takes a look at the men and women who make the show so watchable, with over 100 in-depth profiles, exhaustive credit lists, over 50 photos, and a whopping total of 31 actor interviews!

Five fan-favorite actors get major spotlights with interviews and exhaustively complete credits. Learn all there is to know about Mitch Pileggi (A.D. Skinner), Jerry Hardin (Deep Throat), Steven Williams (X), Nicholas Lea (Alex Krycek), William B. Davis (CSM), and The Lone Gunmen!

The rest of the book takes you through every episode of the first four seasons of The X-Files, introducing you to the guest actors and characters who make the show so chilling yet so believable. The behind-the-scenes stories related in the interviews and profiles will give you a whole new perspective on television’s most popular and best-cast drama series.

Learn more about the lives and careers of such X-Files semi-regulars as Brian Thompson (the Bounty Hunter), Doug Hutchison (Tooms), Steve Railsback (Duane Barry), Megan Leitch (Samantha Mulder), Peter Donat (Bill Mulder), Melinda McGraw (Melissa Scully), John Neville (Well-Manicured Man), Brenden Beiser (Agent Pendrell), and Roy Thinnes (Jeremiah Smith). Plus, take a look at the famous faces who’ve appeared on the series, such as Vincent Schiavelli, Terry O’Quinn, Dan Butler, Bruce Weitz, J.T. Walsh, Peter Boyle, Ed Lauter, Tony Todd, B.D. Wong, Charles Nelson Reilly, Tucker Smallwood, Ruben Blades, Jodie Foster, Joe Spano, and dozens more!

Beyond Mulder and Scully is absolutely packed with inside information on all the stars of The X-Files. The behind the scenes stories are fascinating, and knowing them will give you a whole new perspective on television's most popular and best-cast drama


Frank Garcia from Vancouver, BC on Amazon:
"In this well written and researched volume by Mangels, we have what is essentially Guest Stars of The X-Files. In detailed episode guides, actors credits, personality profiles and exclusive interviews we learn more about the guest star faces that grace each and every episode of the show. . . this book sheds light on a "dark" corner of the X-Files mythos. Highly recommended!"

A Reader from Dededo, Guam on Amazon:
"Of all the books about the actors and actresses on the show, this is the most comprehensive and accurate one I have read. It is informative and fun to read."

A Reader from New Zealand on Amazon:
"It was a wonderful book. The detail was amazing."

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