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Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin debuted the first two exciting novels
featuring Captain Will Riker and the crew of the U.S.S. Titan!

STAR TREK: TITAN — Book 1 — Taking Wing

STAR TREK: TITAN — Book 2 — The Red King

Published by Pocket Books
Edited by Marco Palmieri.

TITAN Book 1 was a USA Today best-seller!

TITAN Book 1: Taking Wing in stores April 2005.
384 pgs., Paperback (ISBN: 0-7434-9627-2) $7.99
Click here to purchase Star Trek:Titan I at Amazon

Tales from the Captain's Table in stores June 2005.
352 pgs., Paperback (ISBN: 1-4165-0520-2) $14.00
Click here to purchase Star Trek:TFTC at Amazon

features the TITAN prequel story with Captain Riker -- "Improvisations on the Opal Sea: A Tale of Dubious Credibility" by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin

TITAN Book 2:The Red King in stores October 2005.
384 pgs., Paperback (ISBN: 0-7434-9628-0) $7.99

Click here to purchase Star Trek:Titan II at Amazon

TITAN Book 3: Orion's Hounds in stores January 2006.
written by Christopher L. Bennett
382 pgs., Paperback (ISBN: 1-4165-0950-X) $7.99

Click here to purchase Star Trek:Titan III at Amazon

TITAN Book 4: Sword of Damocles in stores November 2007.
written by Geoffrey Thorne
384 pgs., Paperback (ISBN: 1416526943) $7.99

Click here to purchase Star Trek:Titan 4 at Amazon

Destiny Book 1: Gods of Night in stores September 2008.
written by David Mack
400 pgs., Paperback (ISBN: 1416551719) $7.99

Click here to purchase Star Trek: Destiny 1 at Amazon

Destiny Book 2: Mere Mortals in stores October 2008.
written by David Mack
448 pgs., Paperback (ISBN: 1416551727) $7.99

Click here to purchase Star Trek: Destiny 2 at Amazon

Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls in stores November 2008.
written by David Mack
464 pgs., Paperback (ISBN: 1416551751) $7.99

Click here to purchase Star Trek: Destiny 3 at Amazon

TITAN Book 5: Over A Torrent Sea in stores February 2009.
written by Christopher L. Bennett
368 pgs., Paperback (ISBN: 1416594973) $7.99

Click here to purchase Star Trek:Titan OATS at Amazon

TITAN Book 6: Synthesis in stores October 2009.
written by James Swallow
400 pgs., Paperback (ISBN: 1439109141) $7.99

Click here to purchase Star Trek:Titan Synthesis at Amazon

TITAN Book 7: Seize The Fire in stores October 2010.
written by Michael A. Martin
368 pgs., Paperback (ISBN: 1416594973) $7.99

Click here to purchase Star Trek:Titan OATS at Amazon


Following their previous best-selling and spectacularly-reviewed Star Trek work,
Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin wrote two new novels and one short story, featuring the hitherto-unseen adventures of Captain Riker's new command ship, the U.S.S. Titan (as mentioned at the end of the feature film Star Trek: Nemesis)!

An excerpt from an early chapter of Titan: Book 1 was included in the October 2004 TNG book, A Time for War, A Time For Peace by Keith R.A. DeCandido. This excerpt included the introduction of several new characters, chiefly among them Dr. Shenti Yisec Eres Ree, the ship's new doctor!

A prequel story to Titan: Book 1 is included in Tales from the Captain's Table. Written by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin, the story tells about Riker and Troi's ill-fated honeymoon. . . and it's nothing like you'd ever expect.

Back Cover Copy — Book 1:

After almost a decade of strife again foes such as the Borg, the Cardassians, the Klingons, and the Dominion, the United Federation of Planets is at the dawn of a new era. Starfleet is renewing its mission of peaceful exploration, diplomacy, and the expansion of knowledge. Among the starships spearheading that endeavor is the U.S.S. Titan, commanded by Captain William T. Riker and manned by the most biologically varied and culturally diverse crew in Starfleet history.

But their mission does not begin according to plan.

In the wake of Star Trek Nemesis, Praetor Shinzon, slayer of the Romulan Senate, is dead. The power vacuum created by his demise has put the Romulan Star Empire, enemy of the Federation, at the brink of civil war. Competing factions now vie for control of their fragmenting civilization, and if the empire should fall, that entire area of the galaxy could destabilize.

To restore order to the region, Titan's long-anticipated mission of exploration is delayed as Starfleet assigns Riker to set up power-sharing talks among the Romulan factions. But even as the first tentative steps are taken toward building a new Romulus, the remnants of the Tal Shiar, the dreaded Romulan intelligence service, are regrouping behind the scenes for a power play of their own. With no other help available, Riker and the Titan crew become the last hope to prevent the quadrant from falling into chaos.

Back Cover Copy — Book 2:

Investigating the disappearance of a secret Romulan fleet, the U.S.S. Titan, commanded by Captain William Riker, is unexpectedly propelled more than 200,000 light-years into the Small Magellanic Cloud. One of the Milky Way's satellite galaxies, the Cloud is also home to the Neyel, the long-sundered offshoots of Terran humanity, with whom the Federation has had no contact in over eighty years.

Nearby, Riker's uncertain ally, Commander Donatra of the Romulan Warbird Valdore, rescues a young Neyel, the survivor of a mysterious cosmic upheaval that seems at times to be both unraveling and reweaving the very fabric of space... the fulfillment of an apocalyptic vision that has already claimed millions of lives. Titan's science team soon finds evidence that the ravaging of Neyel space is the work of a vast and powerful intelligence: the stirrings of a dormant consciousness that is maintaining the existence of the Small Magellanic Cloud--and all life within it--from one moment to the next. And if it should awaken, the consequences are unimaginable.

As Riker considers his options, his new crew struggles with the scientific and philosophical implications of what they've discovered... while the young Neyel in their midst forges a bond with the captain, conjuring old ghosts Riker has yet to lay to rest.


An interview with Andy and Mike about the Titan series is up at TrekBBS

See the winner of the Starship Titan Design Contest to the right, designed by Sean Tourangeau of Colorado Springs, CO!
Click here to see more of his designs and art.

To see some of the runners-up, check out this page!

You can see one Guide to Titan at Memory Alpha's non-canon Wiki page here and a more detailed one at Memory Beta's non-canon Wiki page here.

Julio Angel Ortiz has assembled one of several Guide to Titan webpages. You can see it here.

Fellow Titan authors have their own webpages:
Christopher L. Bennett is here.
His annotations for the Titan books are here and here.
Geoffrey Thorne is here.

David Mack is here.
James Swallow is here.

Some actors who portrayed Titan characters on television have their own webpages:
Marina Sirtis (Troi) is here.
Tim Russ (Tuvok) is here.
Daphne Ashbrook (Pazlar) is here.

Fellow Titan author Geoffrey Thorne has been producing some animated versions of Titan characters as he sees them. They are not official designs, just something he has done for fun. With his permission, they are posted in the row to the right.

The U.S.S. Titan was physically created for the Star Trek Exhibition Tour as a six-foot model for display, by model company Modelwerkes. A video was shot using existing footage, plus new footage with Tim Russ as Tuvok and Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher. You can see it here on YouTube.

A set of fantasy opening credits for a Titan TV series was fan-created by Julio Angel Ortiz and can be seen here on YouTube.


"Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels are two authors who have taken the world of Star Trek to new heights in the past few years... Taking Wing goes to show exactly why this pair is the best writing duo in Star Trek books today...This novel is more than solid, more than surprising; it is an utter treat for fans of Will Riker and the Romulans."
— Father Rob Lyons, ST Universe

"Taking Wing... is well written, and the more I look back on the story, the more I can understand the parts I thought were odd...This backdrop gives an excellent setting to delve into the relations of the multi-species crew, and the innate biases towards each other, all while conveying an interesting and engaging story."
— Jeff Ifland, Starbase Andromeda

"Taking Wing... is one book you have to concentrate on - there is such a lot going on. Mangels and Martin have populated this ship with a wide range of species and you will need your wits about you to maintain who all these new characters are. But it is definitely worth the effort, the interactions between the species are one of the great strengths of this book...This is a great read, one that I feel will satisfy the vast majority of Trek fans, and the ending is quite splendid - containing a pleasing resolution to the main story and leading instantly into Book Two."
— Steve, The Eternal Night

Taking Wing was reviewed in TV Zone #189, but I don't have a copy of this yet.

"Titan’s mission to the Neyel Homeworld is an exciting sequence, but for the most part the novel is built character pieces and the occasional intriguing story. The Red King is very good follow-up to Taking Wing. If you enjoy character-based novels and intriguing, “high sci-fi” concepts, The Red King is for you. Grade 8 of 10."
— Julio Angel Ortiz, The Next Chamber

"The Red King... is a different kind of tale to the first book. There are no battles involved, no politics nor intrigue - this is a rescue mission, an attempt to prevent the destruction of an entire culture. Refreshing change that - makes it a completely separate instalment in the series when compared to the previous book. That's a good thing, it keeps this fresh."
— Steve, The Eternal Night

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Click on Images for larger versions

Below is a look at Mark (the person Ranul Keru was physically modelled after), author Andy Mangels, and Scot Bishop-Walker, the person who Titan's bartender was based upon.

Below are some of Sean Tourangeau's winning ship designs for Titan.

The U.S.S. Titan was physically created for the Star Trek Exhibition Tour as a six-foot model for display, by model company Modelwerkes.

Below are some of Geoffrey Thorne's designs of a fantasy animated version of Titan.

The Trois: Captain William T. Riker & Deanna Troi

Chief Diplomatic Officer/Counselor: Commander Deanna Troi (Half-human, half-Betazoid)

First Officer: Commander Christine Vale (Human)

Second Officer/Chief Tactical Officer: Commander Tuvok (Vulcan)

Chief of Security: Commander Ranul Keru (Trill)

Chief Engineer: Commander/Dr. Xin Ra-Havreii (Efrosian)

Cadet Zurin Dakal (Ops) (Cardassian)

Lieutenant Pava Ek’Noor sh’Aqabaa (Security) (Andorian)

Ensign Aili Lavena (Alpha Shift Conn) (Pacifican)

Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Shenti Yisec Eres Ree (Pahkwa-thanh)

Dr. Se’al Cethente Qas (Astrophysics) (Syrath)

Dr. Huilan Sen’kara (Counselor) (S’ti’ach)

Lieutenant Melora Pazlar (Stellar Cartography) (Elaysian)

Lieutenant Hsuuri (Stellar Cartography) (Caitian)

Ensign Y'Lira Modan (Communications) (Selenean)

Cadet Orilly Malar (Exobiology) (Irriol)

Chief Petty Officer Bralik (Geology) (Ferengi)